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Child Custody

Child Custody

Child Custody disputes are emotional and are often extremely complex. The Wise Law Firm has successfully handled hundreds of cases involving children and we are committed to helping every client navigate through the complicated steps of their child custody case. The Wise Law Firm was founded on the concept of openly communicating with our clients in a timely manner to ensure that each client feels informed about the progression of their child custody matter. The members of the Firm recognize that communication and accessibility help alleviate some of the stress associated with child custody conflicts.

The following summary of Georgia’s laws governing custody provides some basic information about the child custody process in Georgia.

During the child custody proceedings, the Judge will act with your child’s best interests in mind, considering your child’s health, safety and comfort. Normally, once the Judge awards custody, the decision cannot be amended unless there is a significant change in circumstances. 

Under Georgia law, there are two types of custody: physical and legal. Legal custody provides that parents shall have legal rights to the child. Under legal custody, one parent is usually designated to have final-decision making authority regarding the child’s education, health care, extracurricular activities and religious training. In most cases, both parents are considered “joint legal” custodians while one parent is labeled the primary physical custodian of the child. The primary physical custodian is the parent with whom the child resides most of the time.

During a divorce or other child custody dispute, such as a modification of custody, the parents can reach a custody agreement on their own. However, the Court may choose not to honor the agreement if it is not in the best interest of the child. In some custody cases, a Guardian ad Litem may be appointed to assist the Judge in making a custodial determination. The Guardian ad Litem is an attorney who advocates for the child’s best interest in the custody or divorce case.

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