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"Both Daria and Stephanie were a pleasure to work with and had my best interest in mind. The final agreement reached was beneficial for both my daughter and me. Daria wouldn't allow me to get pushed around any longer by the opposing party and I am most appreciative. Thank you for getting me thru this legal situation so well!"

-- D.G.

"Daria and her team represented me in a contempt case against my ex-husband. From the moment I spoke to Daria on the phone during our consultation, I knew I wouldn't be looking for anyone else. Daria went above and beyond, and was exactly what I needed during a highly volatile mediation. Professional, incredible work ethic, and the knowledge she has far surpasses any other family law attorney I've spoken to in the past. If I could go back in time and have her represent me during my divorce, I would! Sympathetic, yet knows when it's time to lay that law down and get the job done! Thank you, Daria and The Wise Law Firm for fighting for (and getting) what rightfully belonged to my children."

-- D.H.

"The Wise law firm did an excellent job in handling my case, they showed professionalism, great work ethic and had good knowledge and experience in handling divorce cases. They also showed great empathy in handling my peculiar case. They were very responsive and understanding of my financial difficulties and very generous in giving no charges whilst still working very hard to ensure that all my needs were tendered to. If you are looking for a firm that will fight for you and have your back, this is your firm. My case lasted 4 years and Daria still remembered details of the case that even I had forgotten and that ultimately helped me in gaining custody of my children as well as a very fair final judgement. I will highly recommend this firm. Definitely a good lawyer you can trust!"

-- N.E.

"Daria was amazing during my divorce! She walked me through every step of the way and fought strong for me all while showing true compassion, comfort, and hope during the sad and difficult process. It truly helped to have an attorney I could confide in, cry with, and someone I felt identified with me and was on my side for the very best settlement and outcome. She is very much a professional and fierce attorney and I am forever grateful to have been referred to her."

-- E. M.

"We reached out to various lawyers about our custody modification case, and Daria was the only lawyer that was genuine and honest about the expectations and process. She has been a fierce, passionate, and professional advocate for us. Daria and Stephanie, thank you for not only doing an amazing and effective job, but also for consistently communicating! There are some legal professionals that drag their feet and just want to take your money, but this legal team was always in constant communication. Your expert advice and support made this tedious journey bearable. If you are looking for a passionate and knowledgeable legal team – Daria and Stephanie are the best!"

-- I. F.

"I am extremely pleased at how professional, efficient, and thorough Daria and Stephanie were throughout my entire divorce process. What otherwise would have been a very stressful time in my life was made much easier by having The Wise Law Firm represent me. From the first consultation I knew I wanted them to handle my divorce. Daria thought of scenarios that I would never have if I had not retained her services. All of which proved to be beneficial to me and my kids in my divorce settlement. I thought I would have been able to do this without a lawyer and I was wrong and would not have done this any other way. The Wise Law firm added precision along with care to my case. I truly thank them for navigating me through this. Experience and representation matters, especially when there are fine details that should be included to ensure a positive outcome and great future for you and your family."

-- K. R.

"I recently received help from Ms. Wise and Stephanie in my custody/visitation case. After over a year with a previous attorney and so much stress of not seeing any results, it only took me one phone call with Stephanie to set up a consultation with Ms. Wise. They were always there to answer any questions or concerns I had over email and phone. Ms. Wise’s recommendation was mediation and she was totally right. She fought really hard for my daughter’s best interests. I’m very grateful to Ms. Wise and Stephanie for all that they did. I highly recommend 100% The Wise Law Firm. Ms. Wise and Stephanie are the best!!"


"I recently received help from Daria and Stephanie in my divorce and I could not have been happier!! They made the entire process painless and stress free. They walked me through every step and provided consultation and advice over email and phone which made it extremely convenient. They made what should have been a very stressful and long process into a very easy process. I highly recommend them in every way!! Thank you again for all that your firm has done to help me with this part of my life!!!"


"The Wise Law Firm did a great job assisting me with my modification of custody case. Thanks to their diligence and hard work, I now have my children living by my side again. Daria is very knowledgeable and experienced, and provided great service for a very reasonable price. I would recommend her firm highly!"


"Daria and The Wise Law Firm have helped my wife and stepdaughter in multiple actions with my wife’s ex. She has not only been a great lawyer but an advocate for my family. Her professionalism is only outdone by her caring attitude and knowledge of the law. I highly recommend Daria and her practice to help you in creating the best possible outcome for your family."


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